There is no fancy installer at this time, but fortunately it is not complicated to install.

Step 1 Download the latest jar file into a good location on the server.

Step 2 Create a directory in a suitable location to contain the configuration file, and the whitelist data file. We shall call it /var/spool/WhitelistFilter. Inside this directory create a file with the following contents. The local.address line contains a comma (no spaces) separated list of all email addresses of local users, whom you whish to analyse emails to build the whitelist.


Step 3 Run/start the server by typing "java -jar WhitelistFilter.jar /var/spool/WhitelistFilter". You should probably modify the server startup routines to include the launching of this command.

Step 4 Update your postfix configuration files. You must add the following lines to the following two files.

    content_filter = smtp:
    localhost:10026 inet n - n - 1 smtpd -o content_filter=